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Counselling for Kids & Teens 

Counselling & psychotherapy is available to kids and teens presenting with a range of conditions including depression, anxiety, attentional issues, autism, and gender issues. For children, parents are involved every step of the way.


Individual counselling & psychotherapy is provided for adults presenting with a range of emotional or relationship issues.


Counselling for seniors is provided to address issues of depression, anxiety, loss or grief and to develop increased agency and happiness.

Mindfulness Meditation Training

Introductory mindfulness meditation training is provided to teens and adults aimed at addressing issues related to attention and ADHD, anxiety, depression, and traumatic brain injury.

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Psychological Assessment

Psychological and mental health assessments are provided at all office locations to clarify mental health conditions, disability issues, and mental health diagnoses, such as depression, anxiety disorders, or chronic pain.

Psychoeducational Assessment

At Brookside Psychologists, our licensed Psychologists provide diagnostic testing for individuals from four years of age through adulthood. An assessment can address the following issues: behavioral issues, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD), emotional issues (depression, anxiety, etc.), learning disabilities, Giftedness, or Autism Spectrum Disorders (including Asperger’s).

Neuropsychological Assessment

Brookside Psychologists offers neuropsychological assessment to determine the presence and severity of any cognitive, emotional, and/or behavioural  difficulties associated with possible brain damage (from things like a traumatic brain injury or stroke), brain disease (like a brain tumor or Alzheimer’s dementia, for example), severe mental illness (like chronic severe depression or psychosis), or developmental condition (such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD/ADHD, or Learning Disabilities).

Psychovocational Assessment

A Psychovocational Assessment is intended to “match” a person’s abilities (aptitudes, skills) with the specific reasoning and learning requirements of a job or training goal.

Catastrophic Impairment Assessment

Comprehensive Catastrophic Impairment Assessments are provided in the context of the American Medical Association Guidelines 4th Edition & 6th Edition related to disability. The practice also provides submission of Applications for Determination of Catastrophic Impairment (OCF-19). 

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Medical-Legal Services

Medical-Legal Psychological and Neuropsychological Assessments are provided for use as evidence in litigation; for example in relation to compensation for work-related stress or after a traumatic event such as an accident. Medical-legal examinations and Expert Witness services are provided by psychologists with a range of clinical and research experience in the areas of traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, stroke, and learning disabilities.

Insurer Examination (IE/IME)

The practice offers Psychological and Neuropsychological Insurer Examinations.  An Insurer Examination (IE) may be conducted to determine the cause, extent and psychological treatment of a work-related or other injury where liability is at issue; whether an individual has reached maximum benefit from treatment; and whether any permanent impairment remains after treatment.

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Clinical Training

Brookside Psychologists provides a one-year predoctoral psychology internship program for eligible PhD students.

Training Philosophy

The training philosophy of the internship at Brookside Psychologists is based on a scientist-practitioner model of education and clinical practice. The program integrates a variety of theoretical models, including cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), mindfulness, relational psychotherapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and client-centred psychotherapy.

The program is structured to develop the Intern’s Core Competencies to prepare them to enter their year of supervised practice as a psychologist. The benchmarks and goals of the program are to meet the Core Competencies required by the American Psychological Association and the College of Psychologists of Ontario.

The Internship Program provides opportunities to participate in a wide range of professional activities including:

  • Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) for treatment of anxiety disorders, mood disorders, chronic pain conditions, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, post-concussion symptoms, and personality pathology.
  • Supportive and client-centred therapy for treatment of issues related to self-esteem, identity, relationships, and role changes.
  • Psychological assessment with regard to diagnostic clarification, comprehensive treatment planning, disability determination, and functional assessment.
  • Disability assessment with regard to evaluation and treatment of adults in the context of long-term and short-term disability, auto insurance, and medical legal contexts.
  • Business practice in psychology with regard to administrative and professional practice issues in private practice. This includes practice management, administration, communication with external resources, and utilization of insurance programs like HCAI. This also includes education and exposure to working with the auto insurance legislation and regulatory bodies in Ontario.
  • Community consultation and education in the form of public educational talks.

The Clinical Psychology Internship Program at Brookside Psychologists is NOT accredited by the Canadian Psychological Association or the American Psychological Association.

Applicants are encouraged to speak with their Director of Clinical Training regarding the acceptability of our internship program for their specific program requirements.

Predoctoral Psychology Internship

Our spaces for Interns in the 2018-2019 academic year are currently full. Applications are being accepted for the internship year starting Sep 2019.

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