Mental Health Services for Seniors

Our Treatment Approach

Our seniors psychologists have advanced training in their fields and provide evidence-based psychological services that are informed by the latest research in the field of seniors’ mental health.

We provide treatment and diagnostic testing for issues commonly seen in seniors, including:

Counselling for Seniors

Burlington & St. Catharines

Our Clinicians Working with Seniors

Dr. Narmeen Ammari

Psychologist & Neuropsychologist (Adults, Seniors) - Burlington

Dr. Shelley Rhyno

Psychologist (Kids, Teens, Adults, Families, Seniors) - Burlington

Ms. Natalie Phelan, B.A., B.H.Sc.(O.T.)

Registered Occupational Therapist, Registered Psychotherapist (Adults, Seniors) - St. Catharines

Ms. Rosina Mete, M.Sc.

Registered Psychotherapist (Teens, Adults, Seniors)

Ms. Sheryl Johns, M.Ed.

Registered Psychotherapist (Teens, Adults, Seniors) - St. Catharines


These are some common symptoms of depression in older adults:

  • loss of energy
  • decreased interest and pleasure in usual activities
  • pain and somatic complaints
  • complaints of memory problems

Counselling or psychotherapy (talking one-on-one with a psychologist) can be of great help in treatment of depression. Our compassionate and knowledgeable psychologists can help.

Diagnostic Testing for Older Adults

Our licensed neuropsychologists provide neurocognitive assessment for conditions seen in older adults, including depression, anxiety, dementia (like Alzheimer’s, for example), stroke, and traumatic brain injury.

These assessments are useful for identifying cognitive changes in older adults, such as:

  • memory slips
  • word finding problems
  • difficulty making decisions
  • personality and mood changes

These assessments are often done in one of our three office locations, but may be done in the person’s home if mobility is a barrier.

Our Neuropsychologists Providing Diagnostic Testing for Seniors

Testing for Dementia, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Stroke, Brain Injury, and Mental Health Conditions

Dr. Elmar Gardizi

Psychologist & Neuropsychologist (Adults, Seniors) - All Locations

Primary Areas: Brain injury; Dementia; & Stroke. Schizophrenia & psychosis; Depression. Populations: Adults Senior [...]

Dr. Christina Gojmerac

Neuropsychologist (Adults, Seniors) - All locations

Primary Areas: Stroke; Memory & aging; Dementia; Brain injury; & Schizophrenia. Populations: Adults Seniors [...]

Dr. Narmeen Ammari

Psychologist & Neuropsychologist (Adults, Seniors) - Burlington

Primary Areas: Brain injury; Stroke; Dementia/Alzheimers; Depression; & Chronic pain. Populations: Adults Seniors [...]

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